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El Ojo Del Arcangel
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About Us

We are a group of people with an open consciousness to funnel the important messages that you may have in different life situations: health, love, work, projects, decisions through different Holistic Therapies such as Tarot Card Reading, Unitary Reiki, Release of emotions, Pendulum Therapy among others, to achieve the expected balance and obtain correct answers to the enigmas they may have.

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What is our objective?

Our Goal is to take you by the hand in every contact to achieve balance between three fundamental aspects of your life: Mind, Body and Spirit, through the therapies we offer, valuing your Being as a Whole.

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How was The Eye of the Archangel born?

The Eye of the Archangel is born from direct communication with our Creator, managing to understand that the Human Being per se came to this plane to share, not to be alone and that led us to focus our energies on creating a mystical place to transcend with you between each personal situation and its solution.
Our space is your space too and has been created so that you identify with your true self and with that force of the universal energy of love.

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Remember ...

Love the Creator of Everything, take shelter behind the wings of the Archangel, recognize that the deep vision of love is what leads you to the process of transformation of the most desired Being, walk aware that you are made of a pure energy that surrounds you and that It allows you to materialize and manifest your desires in your life in a perfect way.

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Our Therapies

Your Spiritual Guides



Clairsensitive expert in different types of Tarot with a high level of assertiveness and extensive knowledge of managing emotions, as well as angelic communication, Master in Angelic Reiki and Master in Akashic Records.

An expert in sentimental and professional topics, her life has been a process of constant metamorphosis adapting to the elevation of the Higher Self, the same that each of her clients experience in the increase of their supra consciousness.

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(Alondra Ashmir Kundra Dalma)

Seer with assertive connection with the angelic plane in past, present and future time, as well as with the disearned. Marselle, gypsy, light seers and past lives tarots, as many others as well with great assertivity in her answers Unitary Reiki Therapist and management of Trapped Emotions, Master in Angelic Reiki and Master in Akashic Records.

Efficient work with Sacred Codes and Grabovoy Technologies as a tool for healing and achieving personal goals.

Candle flame reading (Lagnomancy), interpretation of Dreams and Egg Cleansing.

Her high level of commitment and the truthfulness of her answers within her readings have led her to have prestige and reliability among customers who have changed their lives through her Therapies and Tarot Readings.


The constant rejection that you have in the face of an unpleasant situation and the experiences that have been presented to you again and again in your life under the same energy, is directly proportional to the issue that you must review, raise awareness, accept and change.

That is the learning on this plane to which you decided to come.

When they tell you that you are no good, focus more on the inner voice that tells you that you are great and that you can! Good thoughts save you from giving power to others.

Holistic therapies have been mythologized as something magical that will change your life when the reality is that magic comes directly from you, from your universe, from your mental power, from your intuition and from your Higher Self; Holistic therapies take you by the hand as a guide so that you recognize yourself as the architect of your life.

Tarot reading serves as a guide for you to face the truths of your Being, it is a real orientation so that you can discover the roots of your problems and so that you can flow and free yourself from your blockages. 

It is commonly known that Tarot Cards serve to discover fragments of the past, present and future and in the therapeutic approach, they allow you to travel to your inner world and discover infinite capacities that will take you to another level of life with a more developed consciousness.



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